Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation Preparation:

Presentation time: 12 mins presentation + 3 mins Q&A

File extension: PPT

Aspect ratio: 16:9

How the session will go:

  • Please arrive in the session room at least 15 minutes before the session.

  • Submit your file to the staff of each presentation room before session starts or registration desk.

  • The operator will load the presentation files to the laptop PC.

  • Present at the assigned time.


  • To keep the sessions running to the set schedule and to allow possible questions from the audience, it is very important to keep presentation within the allocated time.

  • Any standard fonts provided by MS Office may be used. If not, please attach the font file(s) with the presentation file.

  • Please check your presentation file in advance of your presentation to ensure your file works properly.

  • If your presentation file contains animations or movies, you are advised to check over technical matters 3 hours prior to your session.

Each session room will be equipped with the following facilities:

- Laptop computer running MS-Office, PowerPoint 2016 or higher operated in Windows 10 or higher.

- Smart pointer and mouse.

- Beam projector (RGB, HDMI Port) and Screen.

  • To avoid technical problems during the presentation, all presenters are asked to use prepared Laptop.

  • If you would like to use any other A/V equipment, please inform us in advance.

Poster Presentation Preparation:

Standard size: 90cm (width) X 120cm (height)

How the session will go:

  • The secretariat will prepare the poster board and post them at the designated spot for on-site availability.

  • Please make sure to stand by your poster during your assigned presentation.

  • Q&As will be made on-site.

  • The poster board surface area is 1.2 m high by 0.9 m wide.

  • We do not specify the poster format, but each poster should include the paper title, authors and affiliation must fit within the space.

  • Ensure text and illustrations are bold and large enough to be read from a distance of three to four feet (1M).

Copyright Notice

All presentations are prohibited from being recorded, copied, and shared for legal reasons, such as copyright and portrait rights, and we inform you in advance that legal action can be taken by the EMSES 2022.